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  • Rambling Business Multimedia Podcast: Discovering the Finest Secrets of American Small BusinessIf you love to laugh, travel, and want your business to soar, shadow and chill with Rick and Brandon. Ditch your tour group and find the real small business adventures in America's hidden corners. The unique multimedia podcast (with website) brings you pictures, videos, music, and souvenirs.
  • We speak to proud entrepreneurs and family businesses who share their secrets for success.Join the "Hop On and Hop Off" podcast we journey across America looking through the lens of the number one job creation machine, the American small business.
  • Family and Friends Produced PodcastRambling Business Multimedia Podcast is produced by the Stepan-Norris family and friends. In addition to bringing you improv comedy, music, videos, pictures, business tips, and travel tips, the family occasionally performs original music associated with the podcast series.
Join us on our tour!
  • This time we're in Santa Barbara!

    The beautiful beach, mountains and valleys of Santa Barbara County. Did you ever wonder how artists make glass objects like goblets and chandeliers? Or, did you ever see the movie, "Sideways?" Join us at the winery where it was filmed and learn how they manage to prosper in the turbulent world of wine making. We also stopped by a real Stage Coach Stop that is still in operation.

  • Join us next episode where we'll travel to Maui!

    Here we jump from a Santa Barbara Winery to a Maui Winery, the only winery in Hawaii! We also stopped by the only Maui goat farm and stayed in a 19th century plantation where the ghostly trail of the ancient Hawaiians pass through.

  • Coming attraction: Boston and Martha's Vineyard Series.

    If you think board games has been crushed by Pokemon Go, think again. Join us in Boston when we chat with an innovative owner of a games cafe where people and families actually interact. Or, learn from a wood craftsman that creates patriotic sculptures that appear on the sterns of boats and other places. If that doesn't row your boat, check out our podcast of the oldest USA carousel where Rick actually tries to grab the brass ring.

  • Coming Attraction: San Diego Multi-Brewries

    We change course and focus on one industry, the micro-brewery industry. Why not interview companies where the USA mircro-brewry industry started? San Diego!! We talk to breweries of all sizes and types of beer and who each of their business strategies differ.

Podcast Production and Music by Devin S. Norris
  • Where we get into your business no matter where it is!

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