Rambling Business-#12 Best Wine Grown on the Side of a Volcano



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If you missed our last Sweet Santa Barbara Business series, check it out! We continue our new  series, Maui Business, where Brandon and Rick fly you to a goat farm, a 19th Century Plantation and a winery where they serve Pineapple wine.  But this episode they take you to Maui Winery!  The home of the pineapple wine.

We leave our Maui plantation and drive up the side of the Haliakala volcano overlooking the Southeastern side of Maui.  Today we tell you the story of Maui Wine grown at the Ulupalakua Vineyards.   More specifically, we’ll talk about how they used the resources in Maui and were able to turn the business into a popular world-class winery. In addition to these business tips, we’ll send you a travel tip and a crazy tax law.

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