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Rambling Business concludes their San Antonio, Texas series with Rick and Judy getting under the brass tacks of leather. Join us for the story of Bobby and Claudia Brown and their creation of the B and C Leather Designs & Unique Finds.  Also, stayed tuned for a travel tip and tax tales.

If you missed our last Egypt Business series, check it out!To learn more about B and C Leather Designs & Unique Finds, go to bcleatherdesigns on Instagram or B&C Leather Designs & Unique Finds on Facebook.

We are taking time off for Rick to release his new novel, Angelic Wars, First Rebellion.  It is a first of musical novels where characters sing from your book when a QR code is scanned.  The book is available for eBook pre-sale on October 20, 2019 and full release on November 20, 2019.  The Rambling Business podcast will continue to search the world for new and interesting business in January 2020 where they will be sharing businesses from Australia! 

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