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Welcome to Rambling Business with Rick and Brandon! The only multimedia podcast with Rick and Brandon that gives you Souvenirs like business take-aways, travel tips and a weekly crazy tax tale.  Our podcast, web page, YouTube, and Sound Cloud brings you a multimedia view of our podcast with pictures, video and music.  In addition, download the souvenirs of Business Take-Aways and Travel Tips from this page.

If you missed our last Boston/Martha’s Vineyard Series, check it out!

We left the East Coast and flew you all the way to the other coast.  Join our San Diego Micro-Brewery Series tour where American Micro-brewing began.  In this episode, we walk into “The Confessional” and experience the miracle that catapulted The Lost Abbey Brewery to national stardom.   Also grab a souvenir of travel advice and business take-aways while you’re hear.

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