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Welcome to Rambling Business with Rick and Brandon! The only multimedia podcast with Rick and Brandon that gives you Souvenirs like business take-aways, travel tips and a weekly crazy tax tale.  Our podcast, web page, YouTube, and Sound Cloud brings you a multimedia view of our podcast with pictures, video and music.  In addition, download the souvenirs of Business Take-Aways and Travel Tips from this page.

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We continue our Southern Sierra Business Series in the Kern Valley by looking at a business that was developed after retirement from a passion with history. Mike Woodward of Lone Star Productions  took deliberate steps to starting his Lone Star Productions company and historical reenactments.   Join Rick and Brandon as they talk about how he did this and some tips that can help you in starting a business from your passion.   Also grab a souvenir of travel advice and business take-aways while you’re hear.

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